Super Seer Helmet w/ Dark Smoke Riot Face Shield - S1611FG - Super SEER

Super Seer Helmet w/ Dark Smoke Riot Face Shield - S1611FG

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SHELL: FIBERGLASS full coverage shell with multiple layer impact absorbing materials. Shell incorporates an integral molded visor and side attachment and thumb screws for attaching Riot Control Face shield. Three shell sizes, small/medium, large & extra-large. Shell edge protected with tough molded metal core scuff-proof edging. Dull matte finish.

LINER: Semi-resilient throughout inside of helmet.

INNER SHELL: MODEL S1611 energy absorbing material full inner shell of ABS molded plastic to seal off the liner and to protect the liner from solvents, hair oils and body perspiration. The .030” thick ABS inner shell shall be cleanable with mild soap solution.

RIOT FACESHIELD: MODEL S1611FG Maximum coverage and protection, injection molded high-impact polycarbonate face shield. Optical grade .100 inches thick. Easily adapts to Gas Mask use age. The face shield allows full 90°rotationwithacam-actionpivot, incorporating full up to full down with a positive lock in either position. Face shield is held firmly in place and replaceable by means of metal aluminum band, spring steel clip and thumb screws. The face shield incorporates a neoprene seal to provide a liquid seal between the face shield and the helmet. The edges of the Face shield shall be a smooth rounded edge. The FG Model has the addition of a heavy # 9 wire faceguard affixed to the exterior of the face shield for forced cell entry duty and optional tie-downs to secure in the down position. Face shields are replaceable in the field and meet or exceed the requirements of Z87.1, VESC-8 and NIJ0104.02.