Ballistic Shield
 Ballistic Shield with Viewport
Ballistic Shield w/ Viewport, Strobe & Light - Rear
 Ballistic Shield w/ Viewport
SecPro Peacekeeper Ballistic Shield - Front
SecPro Peacekeeper Ballistic Shield - Rear
SecPro Peacekeeper Level IIIA Ballistic Shield w/ Viewport, Light & Strobe - 24" x 36" - Rear

SecPro Peacekeeper Tactical Ballistic Shield



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Ballistic Shield For Police & Military

Ballistic Shield with NIJ Level IIIA Protection

Bulletproof Ballistic Shield is Active Shooters Protection from Gunfire Tested and Certified Made In USA.

The SecPro Peacekeeper Ballistic shield combines almost 30 years of experience protecting police and military agents from common handgun rounds (such as .9 mm, .45 and .44 magnum) as well as sharp objects and fragmentation. Using state-of-the-art ballistic technology with a rugged state of the art mold; this versatile entry shield uses advanced UDPE materials to provide maximum protection without weighing the end-user down.

Best Ballistic shield for Police and military forces, Designed to deflect and stop bullet fire at active shooter situations and also useful for less threatful situations where Riot shield is not adequate.

Ballistic Shield Features

  • Certified to meet the requirements of NIJ standard 0108.01 level IIIA for ballistic resistant protective materials.
  • Stationary handle
  • Padding beneath handle reduces abrasion and improves comfort
  • Advanced UDPE minimize ballistic penetration and disperses energy without increasing weight
  • Custom department decals available upon request
  • Comfortable ambidextrous design

Ballistic Shield Specifications

  • Available in the following sizes (18" x 30", 24" x 36", & 24" x 48")
  • Optional Viewport with NIJ certified Level II ballistic polycarbonate allows for increased peripheral vision
  • Optional Light & Strobe
  • Stationary handle
  • Padding beneath handle reduces abrasion and improves comfort
  • Curved design diverts fire away from users center and improves ballistic protection
  • Berry Compliant
  • Advanced UDPE construction reduces weight without compromising protection
  • Made in the USA

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***Please note that due to government export restrictions we are unable to ship ballistic shield orders outside of the US.***