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SecPro Drone Fighter 4-Band Anti-Drone Jammer

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(Government Use Only)

The SecPro Drone Fighter Anti Drone Jammer is a drone countermeasures system designed to protect against drone intrusion.
Lightweight and easy to use, it is the latest application of our well proven digital jammers and technology.
Small and transportable, the system consists of four band jammer circuits capable to cut off the most
common links between the drones and the operators/GPS, preventing the drones to reach their designated

The system is equipped with 4 jammer modules having GAN Technology Power Amplifier Provided with
30W each, available for all frequencies from 20-6000 MHz.

Key Features

  • Four Bands - 30W each
  • Lightweight & Easily Transportable
  • Remote Controlled
  • IP 65 Carbon Fiber Enclosure


  • Securing critical infrastructures (government premises, nuclear power plants, airports, etc) against terrorist attacks or information leakages
  • Military and Homeland Security
  • Protection against espionage attacks
  • Protection of prisons against bringing weapons and communications devices into the facilities
  • Protection of borders against smuggling
***Please note that drone jammers are made to order items and cannot be ordered online***