SecPro CVIIIA Concealable BulletProof Vest Ballistic Tactical
SecPro CVIIIA Concealable BulletProof Vest Ballistic Tactical
SecPro CVIIIA Concealable BulletProof Vest Ballistic Tactical

SecPro CVIIIA Concealable BulletProof Vest[Level IIIA] 2020



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Concealable Body Armor (How do I find my size?)

Lightweight Soft Body Armor For Low light Operation

SecPro CVIIIA level 3A concealable vest manufacture to meet NIJ standard for soft body armor

Designed for operations where low visibility is a requirement, the SecPro CVIIIA Concealable body armor vest is a lightweight and comfortable ballistic vest that provides NIJ 06 level IIIA protection without sacrificing the users' mobility.

Rated NIJ Level IIIA, the highest level available when it comes to soft armor configurations; it is manufactured to meet the NIJ Standard (National Institute of Justice) for soft body armor. Not only this, but the CVIIIA concealable, bulletproof vest is also a favorite among all branches of law enforcement, from security guards to body guards to police officers, thanks to its superior construction, light comfort, and "easy-to-wear-and-care" durability. 

Comfort and coolness become almost as important as protection when it comes to ensuring that members of your police force consistently wear protective body armor. This can be problematic, especially during warmer months and in states like Arizona, Texas, and California, where temperatures often climb into triple digits. That is why our soft body armor features a breathable nylon mesh to keep you cool as temperatures rise. 

We have constructed the outer shell of the Security Pro CVIIIA Concealable Vest from a top quality poly-cotton blend treated with an easy-to-clean, soil resistant finish. The ballistics are removable and sealed in water resistant nylon for easy care. This model body armor vest has full coverage for male front and back, with side coverage as well.

Concealable Body Armor Features

  • Meets NIJ Standard 0101.06 Level IIIA for soft body armor
  • Armored panels have 1.48 areal density/bullet energy absorption capability
  • Trauma plate pockets for 5 X 8 and/or 7 X 9 sizes for front pockets
  • Self-suspending ballistic system
  • Removable ballistics encapsulated and ultrasonically seam sealed in 200D water resistant nylon
  • Outer cover 65% polyester, 35% cotton, removable, washable, and soil resistant
  • Vest closure system has 4 easy-to-remove & adjust elastic straps: 2 on shoulders & 2 on the sides
  • Front and back shirt tails for neat tuck-in

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