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SecPro Advanced EOD Suit



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EOD Suit - Bomb Suit

Secpro Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Suit is designed to give the highest level of protection and withstand the pressure generated by a bomb blast.

The SecPro Advanced EOD Suit is currently in service in many countries throughout the world with Bomb Disposal Teams, the SecPro EOD Bomb Disposal Suit is a state-of-the-art garment specifically designed to give the highest level of protection with the maximum comfort and flexibility to the user.

The ballistic levels and materials used in the various components of the SecPro EOD Bomb Disposal Suit are tested and evaluated to the full quality assurance standards laid down by the appropriate Government organizations. We are proud to announce the introduction of our latest 2015 Model the SecPro Advanced EOD Suit.

The SecPro Advanced EOD Suit is designed to offer the maximum protection with the minimum weight making it one of the world’s most advanced high-performance cost-effective suits available. The suit is in service in countless countries throughout the world and as such has proved itself operationally on numerous occasions. Our latest Suit Generation suit aims to be the most comfortable and flexible suit available offering the highest levels of protection against the blast threats.

EOD Suit - Bomb Suit Features:

  • Quick release system for rapid of removal of suit
  • Can be donned quickly without assistance
  • Next generation technology offers superior flexibility to weight ratio
  • Protect against: Overpressure, shock waves, primary and secondary fragmentation, displacement force, heat, fire and much more.
  • Heat / Fire.