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SecPro 36" Polycarbonate Riot Baton

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Riot Baton

Police Supplies for Riot Control demonstration, or protest.

SecPro Polycarbonate Riot baton for riot and crowd control situations.

Designed with the idea that a baton in well-trained hands can mean a world of difference; SECPRO POLYCARBONATE RIOT BATONS are a durable and effective item for officers, security guards, and military end-users. Made from high-density polycarbonate, with a knurled grip at each end for a secure hold. Our riot batons offer superior striking power when compared to aluminum or wood batons. Measuring in at 36” long with a diameter of 1.25”, this baton is perfect for blocking, striking and controlling assailants during close-quarter confrontations.

Riot Baton Specifications:

  • High-density polycarbonate construction ensures the baton withstand the rigors of everyday use.
  • Measurements: Length 36", Diameter: 1.25"
  • Weight: 1.64 lbs

Riot Baton Features:

  • Superior striking power compared to wooden or aluminum batons.
  • Will not bend, dent splinter or warp unlike aluminum or wooden batons
  • Knurled grip at both ends allows for comfortable and reliable grip on either side.

***Please note that due to state and federal laws we are unable to process online orders for these items outside of the US. Please consult state and local laws before purchasing. For export inquiries regarding our expandable batons, police batons or clubs please contact our sales department by requesting a quote.***