Scanna Scansilc 3643 X-Ray Scanner - Scanna
Scanna Scansilc 3643 X-Ray Scanner - Scanna
Scanna Scansilc 3643 X-Ray Scanner - Scanna
Scanna Scansilc 3643 X-Ray Scanner - Scanna
Scanna Scansilc 3643 X-Ray Scanner - Scanna
Scanna Scansilc 3643 X-Ray Scanner - Scanna

Scanna Scansilc 3643 X-Ray Scanner

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Scanna ScanSilc 3643

Scansilc 3643 EOD is a new large area, flat panel x-ray imaging system with a 14 x 17” imaging area which has been specially ruggedized for use in security and EOD. The x-ray detector panel operates via integrated Wi-Fi and/or cable connection, without any bulky interface box to offer high definition image quality.

The new Scansilc imagers have virtually no dead area, are high shock tolerant and suitable for a wide range of defense and security field applications including EOD, C-IED unattended baggage checks, vehicle inspection, cell searches and for detecting weapons and contraband material. Scansilc Thin Panel X-ray systems also have applications within the fields of forensics and counter surveillance


Key features

  • Wired or Wireless X-ray Control and Fire via the companion laptop or tablet
    for fast ‘Place and Fire’ Deployment - no need to return to target to adjust
  • Wired or Wireless X-ray Image Data Transmission back to laptop/tablet
  • Unlike many other flat panel x-ray systems no bulky interface box is
  • Lightweight panel with high shock tolerance - Ideal for field use
  • Negligible dead area to capture more of what you need to see
  • Water resistant to IP65 - Suitable for most security environments
  • Fast Image Acquisition for rapid deployment operations
  • Optional ScanDEM snap on Dual Energy Module for color separation of
    organic and inorganic material such as weapons/explosives/narcotics
  • Specially ruggediZed for EOD, Security and Defense applications


  • 3.5 lp/mm , 140 micron resolution. Csl or GoS scintillator
  • Image area 14” x 17” (3,072 x 2,560 pixel resolution)
  • 6 hours standby operation producing 700 images per battery charge
  • Panel Dimensions: 18” (w) x 16” (h) x 0.86” (d)
  • Panel Weight 9.9 lbs.* Golden X-ray Generators 5-12 lbs

    ScanView software gives you a range of image manipulation options to get all the detail you want out of your x-ray image.

    • Black and white image
    • Inverse / negative image
    • Pseudo color density filters
    • Brightness Contrast Adjustment
    • Gamma Adjustment
    • Histogram Equalization
    • Select Region of Interest
    • Multiple zoom 800 x
    • Zoom to region of interest
    • Pseudo 3D
    • Find Edges
    • Sharpen/ Clean/Soften Image
    • Image Rotation/Flip/Mirror
    • Image Stitching
    • Optional organic/Inorganic
    material separation filter



    • Database software allows you create incidents and store and manage over 32,000
    images using searchable fields.
    • Store and Retrieve database images
    • Auto save images for evidential purposes
    • Export and Import Images - Supported image
    • export formats: .sca, .jpg. .tiff (16 bit), .bmp
    • Compact and export Database
    • Database Protection



      ***Please note that Security X-Ray Inspection Systems are made to order items and cannot be purchased online ***