Salient SSP-85 - Inspection Mirror

Salient SSP-85 Fiberglass Inspection Mirror


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Inspection Mirror - SSP-85

Handheld security mirror for airport security, embassies, military police, and other security and inspection operations. 

The Series SM85 is a lightweight fiberglass non-telescoping pole with an 8” round convex acrylic mirror. A smaller affordable versions that is easy to carry. Most common purchased unit is the SM85-8RCB.


  • Extends to 34”, collapses to 26”.
  • Complete with 8” round convex mirror.
  • Optional 8” flat acrylic mirror.
  • Mirror lens is replaceable and interchangeable.
  • Lightweight approximately 1 lbs.


  • Intended for use in vehicle searching areas.
  • Easy to carry.