Salient Search Mirrors - SSP-600

Salient SSP-600 Under-Vehicle Search Mirror


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Under-Vehicle Search Mirrors - SSP-600

SSP-600 Search Mirror for Vehicle Inspection 

The Series SSP-600 is our most popular standard model. Lightweight, compact fiberglass extension pole comes with an armrest for counterbalance and reduction of arm fatigue. This unit utilizes parallel light & mirror placement for optimum field of view. The flashlight clip accommodates 90% of light systems currently used by Law Enforcement. Clip fits standard C & D cell flashlights.

Most common purchased unit is SSP-600-8RCB. Basic unit with 8” Round Convex Mirror.


  • Extends to 78”, collapses to 36”
  • Complete with 8” round convex mirror.
  • Optional 8” flat or 12” flat or convex acrylic mirror.
  • Mirror lens is replaceable and interchangeable.
  • Optional permanent wheel assembly. Low clearance of 2-1/2”.
  • Lightweight approximately 2 lbs


  • Intended for use in intermediate or small areas, easily carried.
  • Under vehicle inspections by military, customs, bomb technicians, law enforcement officers, corrections, tactical/ERU.