Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror
Vehicle Inspection Mirror - SM1000

Salient SSP-1000 Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror w/ Light


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Under Vehicle Inspection MirrorSSP-1000

Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror Designed for security at military checkpoints and border crossings

The Salient SSP-1000 with NiMH rechargeable batteries is one of our under vehicle models. This model uses the same integral light source design as the SSP-3000 Series. A high intensity cluster LED lamp and lightweight, streamlined battery case eliminates exposed wiring, for easy access under vehicles.

Made of lightweight and portable non-conductive fibreglass to reduce the risk of unexpected detonation. Inspection  Mirror lenses are replaceable and can be mixed and matched to meet your requirement and your environment. Options include easy-to-roll multi-directional casters, flashlight clips, and hooks.

Optional: 4 multi directional caster wheels.

The Series 1000 model has a lightweight fiberglass extension pole with handle grip and arm.

Most commonly purchased Inspection  mirror is a SSP-1000-8RCB-ALK. This model would be a unit with 8” Round Convex Mirror with 1 LED Light Cluster and Alkaline Batteries.

Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror Features

  • Extends to approximately 72”, collapsed 39″ .
  • Complete with detachable 8″ round convex acrylic mirror.
  • Light Source: LED Cluster
  • Optional 8″ flat or 12” flat or 12” convex acrylic mirror.
  • Optional 4 multi directional caster wheels. Low clearance 2 1/2″ for easy access under vehicles.
  • Mirror lens is replaceable and interchangeable.
  • Lightweight, approximately 3.5 lbs without wheels, 5.5 lbs with wheels.
  • Complete with alkaline batteries or NiMH

Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror Battery System Options

  • 8 NiMH rechargeable or 8 disposable alkaline AA batteries (Batteries included with unit).
  • Includes a 110/220 volt universal charger.
  • European adapter plug optional if required.

Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror Applications

  • Under vehicle inspections of trucks or vans.
  • Ideal for corrections, tactical / ERU, embassies