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SecPro Stun Tech Anti Riot Shield

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Riot Shield

Secpro Anti Riot Shield for Riot Control 

Riot Shields protect the user from melee attacks with blunt or edged weapons and also thrown projectiles. 

Our SecPro Stun Tech Anti Riot Shield is a non-lethal deterrent that's ideal for passive crowd control, VIP protection and entry shield. These Riot Shield protect person from the top of the head to the knees, durable and lightweight protection device from melee attacks with blunt or edged weapons and also thrown projectiles.

Riot Shield Features:

  • Designed to quell a riot or a disturbance with electric shock
  • Structured with shatter-resistant clear poly-carbonate
  • Protects body safely and completely from the impact of stones or stick and from the threat of acid or incendiary liquid
  • Transparent poly-carbonate sheet providing wide vision



Model range: 250mm(MINI-Tactical) / 500mm(MIDI-Reaction) / 900mm(MAXI-Combat) / 1200mm(Riot) 


APPLICATION: Electrified Shields are designed to deter, to Defend and to Protect with non-lethal application able to restore law and order with LESS THAN LEATHAL force. 


USED BY: Prison Cell extractions, Tactical Police units and General Security Contracting companies 



-Tested non-Lethal 15KV High voltage shock deterrent conducted via aluminium Conductors via grid across theentire front section of the shield. (New extra lightweight blading)

-Secure moulded Handgrip with easy thumb activation trigger switch

-NEW - DUAL Visible shock sparks act as an added deterrent

-4mm Thick see through REINFORCED polycarbonate shields, offering protection against thrown objectsincluding high impact shock absorbing 20mm foam arm pad

-New High capacity 2600ma Li-ion rechargeable battery pack

-New Plug-In Intel fast Battery charger with switch mode facility

-Optional: NEW Audit Intel Feature to monitor and Control operation and use of shields.

-SANAS Shock Tested to international IEC Standards

-12 Months manufacturing warranty


Technical Specification 


STUNTECH Riot Shields 


1.GENERAL:The STUNTECH Riot Shields will be used in riots, crowd and prisoner control to protect personnel from thrown objects and violent attacks as well as immobilize and deter aggressors in the process of restoring order with minimum force. 




2.1 IEC tested non-lethal effective electronic shocking device with an open discharge output of +- 80,000 volts at an average current of less than 1 milliamp. 


2.2 New: Lightweight aluminium metal strips, dim 19mm(wide) x1.8mm(thick) securely fixed with new insulated nylon studs. Each stud fitted with an insulated nylon washer on the inner face of the shields and strategically placed in 6x2 pattern over the front area of shield including outer rim forms the grid through which the non leathal shock is conducted. 


2.3 New: Protective pinch-edged black beading securely fitted around the shield edge 


2.4 Activation of shock is by heavy-duty self-return thumb operated momentary switch conveniently situated for activation in the moulded hand grip to allow for continuous rapid deterrent response. 


2.5 Include SAFETY KILL switch with wrist strap and 125DB siren activated in the event of an emergency should the official be disarmed and simulates rendering the shield harmless. 


2.6 All EPS STUNTECH shields are fitted with sealed detachable control box for easy maintenance which houses all electronics including a battery pack ON/OFF switch and standby ON indicator. 


2.7 Dual Visible test spark at pre-determined location in front of the shield ensures; 


(1)Effective intermittent dual test spark deterrent for would-be aggressors.


(2)Low battery indicator i.e. test spark weak and slow; battery needs to be charged.


2.8 Fully charged battery will continuously operate the shock for up to 1 000+ quarter second bursts.


2.9 Standby time approx. 500 + hours including center Nylon Webbing belt support strap.


3.SIZE OPTIONS:5.1 A plug-in charger is supplied; input 220/110-Volt AC. 8.4-volt 1AMP. 


5.2 *New Intel Fast charger with battery level indicator. Able to restore battery is under 2-3 hours.



3.1 TACTICAL MINI - 250(H)x600(W) x4mm. Weight 1,9 Kgs 


3.2 COMBAT MIDI- 500(H) x620(W) x4mm. Weight 2.85 Kgs 


3.3 SWAT MAXI - 900(H) x600(W) x4mm. Weight 4.25 Kgs 


3.4 RIOT - 1200(H) x 600(W) x4mm. Weight 5Kgs 


3.5 NEW: CAPTURE -800(H)x 600(W) x 4mm. Weight 4.45Kgs Moulded dual activation thumb trigger. 




4.1 *New 7,4-volt 2600 milli amp Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack enabling activations of 1000plus quarter 


seconds with a standby time in excess of 500 hours. 




5.3 Optional DC Charger from riot vehicle available on request.




6.1 Audit data record software to monitor activations, date, time and length. 


6.2 Stand-alone PC interface module for data extractions in PDF format or, 


6.3 Online version for data upload cloud storage and monitoring. 



7.1 600D Nylon Heavy-duty protective carry bag with Heavy-duty zip closure and carry straps 



8.1 Minimum period of 12 months warranty, which have been honored since 1985.


8.2 Factory sealed removable control box for easy maintenance and repair. 




9.1 Standard packaging in double wall carton size: 1200x600x430mm per quantity and weight pending model type. 

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