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Protex Safe HD-34C Top Drop Burglary Safe


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Protex HD-34 Burglary Safe

The Protex HD-34C Top Drop Burglary Safe Security Safe With Electronic Lock features a convenient drop slot that makes depositing money, checks and envelopes easy. Deposits are protected by an antifishing baffle, ensuring that dropped in items are secure. The 3" thick door has a 3/8" steel plate for extra strength, and it's supported by 1 1/4" chrome locking bolts. With predrilled anchor holes and included bolting hardware for easy anchoring.

Ideal safe for small areas where small drops needs to be made. Will work great for dropping checks, envelopes, money, ballots, and more..

Protex HD-34 Features:

  • Active chrome locking bolts 1-1/4" diameter
  • This line of safes is an excellent choice for your business
  • Battery powered electronic digital lock
  • Battery power override
  • Mechanical key override
  • Drop-slot on top
  • 4 Pre-drilled anchor holes (bottom)
  • Bolting hardware included for concrete floors
  • Electrostatic powder-coat with fine anti-corrosion and rustproof materials are applied for durability
  • 3" thick door with 3/8" solid steel-plate to prevent prying

Protex HD-34 Specifications:

  • Exterior Dimensions: 14-1/8” (W) x 13” (H) x 12-3/4” (D)
  • Interior Dimensions: 14” (W) x N/A (H) x 10” (D)
  • Door Clearance: 10-3/4” (W) x 11-1/2” (H)
  • Door Thickness: 3" (1/4” solid steel plate)
  • Drop Slot: 7" (W) x 5/8" (D)
  • Cubic Feet: 0.7
  • Weight: 42 Lbs.

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