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PPE Bundle

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PPE Bundle Deal

This bundle includes:

  • 1 Antibacterial UV wand sanitizer
  • 2 pairs of protective medical goggles
  • 3 3-ply antibacterial cloth face masks



Closely fit and breathable design

The mask includes 2-side protection: 

- Water resistant fabric 

- Antibacterial fabric 

Outer layer is water and splash resistant 100% polyester 

Inner layer is 99.9% antibacterial nano fabric 65% polyester and 35% cotton   

Can be washed 30 times




Main features

  • The frame is made of high-quality soft polyethylene material, easy to bend, good sealing
  • Can be used for protection during  inspection
  • Cuts off body fluid: blood splash, flying foam, nasal and oral droplets etc
  • High transparency and wide field of vision
  • Helps avoid secondary pollution
  • Disposable
  • May be due to disinfectant, medical alcohol, high-temperature disinfection and other reasons of degradation and hardening, such as repeated use of disinfection
  • If the soft material has significantly hardened, please stop use, replace on time
  • After disinfection, use special long-acting anti-fog lens cloth to wipe, then polish the lens
  • The goggles are designed with compatible glasses and an adjustable elastic band. Equipped with anti-fog mirror cloth which can provide an anti-fog function for myopia lens
  • Suitable for a working environment requiring frequent disinfection, such as hospitals
  • Widely used in the protection of medical staff in hospitals in China





The UV Sterilizing wand uses UVC Light to eliminate 99.99% bacteria, germs molds, virus, mite, H1N1 on hard surfaces including Salmonella and E.Coli  etc.         

Portable Wand utilizes advanced UV-C light technology to significantly reduce viruses, odor causing bacteria and certain molds and other allergens, on surfaces at home or while traveling. Perfect for smaller items like cell phones, remote controls, keyboards, faucets, toys, music players, ATMs and more, the uv wand fits easily into your purse, briefcase or luggage.


Sanitizes Without Chemicals or Irritants

Sanitize bathroom and hotel surfaces, plane and train headrests, steering wheels or shopping cart handles quickly and easily without chemical residue or harsh liquids or odors. Whether at home, work, dorm, hotel, public restroom, car, bus, train or work, this little powerhouse is ideal for everything you touch except people, pets or food. 

Quick & Easy to Use

Unlike sprays and wipes, the Portable UV Wand requires no dwell time. Simply remove any debris from the surface and slowly pass the wand directly over the area to sanitize — no chemicals, no mess! Simple one-button operation and compact size make the CleanWave Portable Wand the perfect travel companion.

Destroys Odor Causing Bacteria

Even in pet and nursery areas, the Sanitizing wand tackles the odors and bacteria in its light path. Breathe easy knowing your pets area and baby’s room are not only clean, but sanitized.

Use at Home, in the Car, at Hotels, Hospitals and More

While not intended for people, pets or food, this Sanitizing wand is ideal for countertops, computer keyboards, remote controls, telephones, pillows, upholstery and more. 

Lab Tested & Proven

Tested by SGS laboratories, Hygea UV Wand HH1103 is proved to eliminated to 99.99% bacteria, viruses, molds and pest eggs on hard surfaces.