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Phone Recovery Stick for Android

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The Android Recovery Stick recovers texts, calls, contacts, Facebook data and more from Android™ phones and tablets.

Originally developed for Forensic Investigators, the Android Recovery Stick makes it easy for anyone to acquire lost, deleted and current data from Android phones or tablets.

Android Recovery Stick is Easy to Use

  1.  Plug the Android phone or tablet you wish to examine into a Windows PC (USB)
  2.  Plug the Recovery Stick into the PC (also USB)
  3.  Confirm the device, and click to start your recovery.  Your recovered data is saved to the stick, not the computer
  4.  When the recovery is finished (usually 15-30 minutes), simply unplug the stick, and leave no trace behind. Your recovered data is available on the stick for you to view, save, print or email at any time in the future.

How the Android Recovery Stick Works

Deleted data is recoverable until it has been overwritten by new data. The Phone Recovery Stick for Android™ recovers deleted and current data from phones, tablets and devices running the popular Android operating system. The Android Recovery Stick is capable of acquiring data including text messages, contacts, call history, calendar entries and more. 

Recovers Data Directly From the Device

Forensically examining each device, the Phone Recovery Stick recovers deleted data and parses current data for examination. No forensic training is necessary, and the software runs entirely from the stick, so no evidence is left behind.

Because of its versatile recovery capabilities and easy-to-use interface, the Android Recovery Stick is ideal for professionals who have accidentally deleted important files, employers who have issued cell phones to employees for business purposes, concerned parents, or anyone who may have a need to retrieve a deleted item from an Android smartphone. 

Acquires and recovers data from

  • Android Phones
  • Android Tablets
  • Android Wear devices

The Android Recovery Stick recovers

  • Call logs
  • Contacts
  • SMS/text messages
  • MMS
  • Internet history
  • Dynamic text history
  • Jott (new)
  • LinkedIn (new)

Collect and view data from

  • KIK
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Skype
  • Whisper
  • TextFree
  • TextPlus
  • Vkontakte
  • Pinger
  • Chrome 

Use the stick to recover data from as many phones or tablets as you'd like, there's no limit.

Locked phones require the PIN or passcode to perform data recovery. Product includes free lifetime technical support from Paraben Forensics.

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