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Mobile Ballistic White Board

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Ballistic White Board Level 8 Bulletproof Protection

Stylish. Functional. LIFE SAVING! Ballistic Magnetic Whiteboards! 

These “unassuming” and fully functional Magnetic Whiteboards are useful in any office or educational setting but also serve a much higher purpose in an Active Shooter Situation.

These Ballistic Whiteboards are 48” in width and 72” in height. Very easy to move around by just one person.

Use them every day, with whiteboards on both sides. Should the day ever occur and you are in an Active Shooter situation, this whiteboard will save your life.

This board will reject all pistol, AK47 rifle, AR15 rifle, and AR10 .308 rifle fire from point blank range. Even under fire the board is stable and won’t tip over! At 48” width it is the perfect size to barricade a door. These boards are Ballistic and will reject hundreds of rounds from a .308 rifle fired at point blank range... with absolutely no Spall... and no damage to the backside!

Use in any classroom (K thru College), use in any boardroom, church sanctuaries, fire stations, police departments, court rooms, libraries, and anywhere threat may exist.

Colors are customizable!