Explosive Detection Kits ExPen 1640B 1,2,3 Kit (Blue)

Mistral 1640B ExPen 1,2,3 Kit (Blue ) Explosives Detection Kit

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Explosive Detection Kits ExPen 1640B 1,2,3 Kit (Blue)

Explosive Detection Kits Mistral ExPen 1640G 1,2,3 Kit (Green ).

Explosive Detection and Identification products are world leaders in presumptive field tests for explosive substances or trace residues. The kits detect 99% of the explosives on the FBI Threat List and provide "on-the-spot" results by producing a unique color when they come into contact with specific explosive substances. All MSI wet chemistry products are highly sensitive with results appearing in just seconds.

Portable Explosive Detection Kit for designed for military, EOD, and security personnel for ground level explosive detection.

Full Detection Kit. Contains ExPen 1, 2, 3