Expray 2 Aerosol Explosives Detection

Mistral 1520 Expray 2 (Regular) Explosives Aerosols



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Explosives Aerosol - Expray 2 - 01520 (Regular)

Expray 2 (Regular) Aerosol Explosives Detection 

A unique explosive aerosol test technology, Expray®, detects both trace and substance levels of explosives as well as homemade explosive (HME) precursors. Commonly used by armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, Expray® helps detect a wide spectrum of explosives and HME precursors quickly and effectively.

Nitroesters and Nitroamines Explosives (Ntroglycerine, PETN, Nitrocelulose, RDX, HMX). To be used with 1510.