Mistral MIS-02100 UV Trap (100 cc) Forensic Aerosol

Mistral 02100 UV Trap (100 cc) Forensic Aerosol



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Forensic Products

Mistral Security, Inc.'s forensic and visualization aerosol products are designed for crime scene investigative units and other organizations. Several of the products visualize fingerprints under difficult or unusual circumstances; other products visualize iron metal traces on hands; or visualize markings on hands left by an invisible aerosol marking system; or allow the end-user to see the contents inside unopened envelopes.


  • Quick implementation – aerosol ready
  • Extracts fingerprints in unique situations such as oily, wet and porous surfaces

Markets Served:

  • Criminal Scene Investigators
  • Coroner Offices
  • Military

Invisible marking of surface, to identification of unauthorized contact