Sky Guard - Building Fortification
Mifram Installing the Sky Guard
Mifram Sky Guard Safety against rockets and mortars.
Protect Building and Infrastructures from Rockets - Sky Guard
 Building Fortification aganist rockets and mortars
Building Fortification Protect from rockets and mortars attacks

Mifram Sky Guard

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Mifram Sky Guard - Building Fortification

Protect Building and Infrastructures from Rockets and Mortars attacks.

Overhead protection for direct hits from mortars, up to and including 120 mm. and 122 mm. Grad missiles. Used to protect “soft” buildings and critical infrastructures.

An independent, self-carrying modular defense system built over the roofs of existing buildings and infrastructures. Protects against a range of high trajectory threats, rockets and mortars.

The Sky Guard family consists of many, varied solutions including moveable and permanent protection systems, concealed and exposed systems all designed to provide protection from many different threat scenarios based on conditions and budget. It’s possible to order a specially adapted design or choose one of the series’ off-the-shelf products.

Sky Guard Features:

  • Installing the Sky Guard over the Knesset 680 tons took just 18 hours to assemble
  • Installing the Sky Guard over the Knesset 680 tons took just 18 hours to assemble
  • Architectural sky guard retrofit on existing building
  • Installing a Sky Guard system above a sensitive security facility in the South of Israel. Facility was fully operational within a few hours.
  • Sky guard above existing buildings surrounded by portable defense walls
  • Sky guard Installed in the south of Israel. The system faced a number of direct mortar hits - Successfully
  • Protection for “soft” and “hard’ buildings
  • Light weight portable universal sky guard

Sky Guard Advantages

  • Modular system – adaptable for all
    existing structures and buildings.
  • Installation is fast and simple.
  • The system carry’s its own weight making engineering and structural improvements to the protected building unnecessary.
  • Absorbs effect of explosion and blast.
  • Existing systems can be upgraded to a higher protection levels.
  • The system can be dismantled and transferred to any location.
  • Some of the systems do not require foundations and are placed on pressure diffusers in any ground conditions.

Answers for many different threat scenarios

All Sky Guard systems are examined, approved and tested on site against:

  • Mortars.
  • Steep trajectory rockets (up to and including 122 mm.)

Protection for a wide range of installations

Sky Guard systems can be installed above any structure and in any size:

  • Public Buildings
  • Military bases
  • Critical points
  • Critical infrastructures
  • Residential buildings
  • Vehicles, aircraft etc.
  • Tents and caravans
  • Portable and existing structures
  • Schools and kindergartens
  • Private homes

Upgrading protection with explosion proof windows

In addition to overhead protection, buildings can upgraded by the addition of Mifram’s modular protective walls, explosion proof windows and shutters that provide protection from blast and shrapnel following an explosion.

Equipment needed for assembly – For the mobile model:

  • Light crane truck
  • Workers
  • Staple bolts