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Mifram Building Protection Coat (BPC)

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Mifram Security Building Protection Coat 

Blast Resistance and Bulletproof Buildings

External protective casing, for installation on existing buildings, based on steel plates that cover the building’s exterior surfaces.

Mifram designs, manufactures & installs a wide variety of solutions such as the BPC, against steep trajectory weapons, ballistic missiles and shockwaves, for use in pre existing buildings and infrastructures.

The BPC is an external protective cladding, for installation on existing buildings. The BPC is based on steel plates which cover the building’s exterior surfaces. The BPC is affixed to load bearing construction elements.

Building Protection Coat Advantages:

  • Quick installation
  • No need for residents to leave during the installation process
  • Visual defensive upgrades available

Completed BPC Projects

  • Israeli parliament’s roof
  • AMDOCS Israel’s roof
  • Villas in an area bordering the Gaza strip

Solutions for a wide range of threats

The BPC can withstand a direct hit from:

  • Kassam 2 rockets
  • 122mm Katyushas and more