Humane Restraint B-218 Belt-Non Locking
Roller Buckle Non Locking Belt Restraint

Humane Restraint Leather & Polyurethane Roller Buckle Belt (Non-Locking)


Humane Restraint

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Humane Restraint Leather & Polyurethane (Non-Locking) Belt

Roller Buckle Non Locking Belt Restraint

Leather Roller Buckle Belt (Non-Locking)

Traditional leather belts have secured our wristlets and anklets for over 130 years. They are offered in a variety of sizes and will work in conjunction with many styles of cuffs. Whether you are using the locking belts with L-300 locks for added security or non-locking with roller buckle for ease of use, you will find these belts are able to fulfill your needs. Universal K-300 key opens the L-300 locks.

Polyurethane Roller Buckle Belt (Non-Locking)

The polyurethane belts possess the benefits of the leather belts with additional features. Generation 4 polyurethane has an easy glide finish that enhances staff's ease of use. This unique product is durable, won't stretch or shrink, and cleans quickly and easily. Color coded for quick visual identification—all polyurethane belts are maroon.