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Fisher Gemini 3 Cache Finder Metal Detector

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Gemini 3 Metal Detector | Fisher Metal Detector

2 box metal detector | Fisher Gemini 3 Metal Detector

Metal Detector | Gemini 3 Metal Detector

Gemini 3 – The Deepest Treasure Finder DEEPEST All-Metal Detection

2-Box Metal and Mineral Detector for deep search & cache locating

Fisher’s 2-Box has a reputation for being the best. Goes deeper & traces farther

2-Box treasure hunters know that Fisher’s Gemini-3 has a reputation for being the best there is. Designed to locate deep objects; depending on ground mineralization and target size, objects may be detected 10 to 15 feet. The Gemini-3 goes deeper, traces farther and is easier to use than any other cache finder in its class

  • Sensitive to Large, Deep Targets & Ore Veins
  • VCO Audio Response for Target Pinpointing
  • Inductive Search Mode or Optional Conductive Trace Capabilities
  • Operating Frequency: 82 kHz

Recommended for:

Cache Hunting
Relic Hunting



  • Power: Off-on, push-pull switch.
  • Sensitivity: Potentiometer controls sensitivity to targets and ground minerals. 
  • Battery Test: Push button switch for battery strength indication on meter.
  • NULL ADJUSTMENT: Knob with threaed shaft


Power: Off-on, push-pull switch.

Battery Test: Battery strength indication on meter.

Gemini 3 Metal Detector Features

  • Detects all metals: Sensitive to large, deep objects or ore veins
  • Crystal controlled: 82 kHz transmitter and receiver
  • Four mode operation: Inductive Trace, Conductive Trace, Wide Scan Inductive Trace and Narrow Scan Inductive Trace
  • 60-cycle noise reduction circuitry V.C.O. audio target response for precision pinpointin
  • 5-Year Warranty

Gemini 3 Metal Detector Specification:

  • Length on handle 49-¼”
  • Transmitter-Receiver Box Assembly 9-¼” x 12” x 6”
Complete 7 lbs
Transmitter 2.4 lbs.
Receiver 2.9 lbs.
Handle 1.7 lbs.
RF Search and Trace 81.92 KHz Crystal Controlled
Audio Target Response (V.C.O.) 2
Audio Functions
Target Response Meter 2-¼” x 1-¾”, Analog
Speaker 2-¼” 100 ohm, Moisture-Proof Cone
Headphones ¼” Jack, 8-16 ohms, Stereo/Mono
Receiver (8) AA 1.5v
Transmitter (8) AA 1.5v
Battery Life
Carbon Zinc 30 hours
Alkaline 50 hours