Elsight RiderM-04 - Mobile DVR

Elsight RiderM-04 Mobile DVR



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Mobile DVR - Mobile DVR For Vehicles

The Elsight RiderM-04 iMobile DVR

RiderM-04 is a key product within the Elsight's Rider Product Line among other several mDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recorder) devices in various interfaces, all design to fit into any vehicle where high quality video recording and live transmission are essential to fulfil the proper surveillance purposes. RiderM offers excellent encoding resolution (WD1) on all 4 channels (for transmission or recording), Wi-Fi automatic off load of recorded files, Storage Hard-Disk Shock vibration proof, 2-way audio in between the Command and Control Center and the vehicle where it is installed into.

This product is also compatible with the Elsight Commander360 software for command and control centers for simultaneous monitoring of scenarios, recording services, alarming services and dispatching video back to filed. The commander360 software also performs a continuous throughput optimization process to minimize the data over cellular consumed from the mobile operator and thus lead to significant operational cost reduction.

Key Features

  • 4 analog channels of audio & video inputs connectable; each channel supporting up to WD1 resolution with H.264 encoding technology
  • Embedded GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) module – location information integrated within the recorded and transmitted streams.
  • 0.5TByte/1.0Tbyte hard-disk installed in removable shelf.
  • Embedded Wi-Fi module for off-loading recorded files.
  • RS-232/485 interface for configuration and for control/communicate with peripheral devices.
  • Strong aluminum chassis, fanless design and Aviation connectors to ensure signals quality.
  • Wide Range power input (+8VDC – 36VCD) designed for connection to the vehicle ignition system.