DroneSentinel - Anti-Drone
DroneSentinel - Anti-Drone
DroneSentinel - Anti-Drone
DroneSentinel - Anti-Drone


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Integrated Drone Detection Solution

DroneSentinel provides the fully integrated sensor suite of DroneSentry without the DroneCannon RF countermeasure capability. With integrated data from all available sensors, users can rapidly detect and assess potential threats. An intuitive user interface provides live and historical data from all sensors, and broadcasts configurable alerts based on user-defined criteria.

It is the ideal detection solution in any environment facing UAS threats.


  • Integrated Detection: Combining all of DroneShield's detection sensors into one product.

  • Modular: A compact design allows for effective transport and assembly

  • Durable: Weather-resistant and rugged design protects the technology in harsh environments



Nominal UAS detection ranges:

  • RadarZero: 1km or RadarOne: 1.5km (for DJI Phantom sized drone)

  • RFOne: 5km

Nominal UAS verification ranges:

  • DroneOpt OE: 1km

  • DroneOpt IR: 380m

Output Options:

  • DroneShield User Interface
  • IP-based alerts (email, SMS, XML/JSON) indicating zone and any
  • additional sensor evidence
  • Mobile (SMS, audible phone call)
  • Radio frequency audible alerts


  • Wired ethernet connection

Environment and Installation:

  • System components suitable for permanent or temporary installation
  • Sensor component mounting platform adaptable to suit installation environment
  • Elevated mounting platform required for clear lines of sight onto horizon and over area to be monitored
  • Sensor associated control, PSU and network electronic equipment to be installed indoors close to site or in suitable external weatherproof housing


  • Routine structural inspection, regular remote database updates, and sensor maintenance