DetectaChem SEEKERe Explosives and Drugs Detector

DetectaChem SEEKERe Explosives and Drugs Detector


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The SEEKERe from DetectaChem represents the cutting edge in portable detection. Everything on the SEEKERe has been engineered to meet military requirements and to be the go-to handheld detector for forces around the world.


Weight 197g (6.94oz or .43lbs)
Size WxHxD 68mm(2.6") x 116mm(4.5") x 37mm(1.4")
Screen Full Color LCD 240×400
Battery Internal Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Languages All Languages Capable
Detection Kits Explosives, Drugs, Multi Detection
Technology Automated Colorimetrics
Environmental Sealed, Water Resistant (IP66), Ruggedized-Shockproof (MIL-STD 810G)
Data Transfer Method USB, Recordable CD-R, Encrypted Wireless
Storage capability > 100,000 Tests;


Explosives Detected Nitroaromatics Explosives Detected Methamphetamine
Nitramines Cocaine
Nitrate Esters THC- Marijuana
Inorganic Nitrates Opiates
Chlorates Synthetic Cannabinoids
Peroxides Ketamine
Perchlorates Heroin
GunShot Residue (Lead) And Others
And Others