DetectaChem SEEKER Explosives and Drugs Detector

DetectaChem SEEKER Explosives and Drugs Detector


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The SEEKERe from DetectaChem represents the cutting edge in portable detection. Everything on the SEEKERe has been engineered to meet military requirements and to be the go-to handheld detector for forces around the world.



Weight 0.56g (20oz or 1.25lbs)
Size WxHxD 150mm(5.9") x 119mm(4.7") x 31mm(1.2")
Environmental Requirements Operating temperature: -4° to +122°F (-20° to +50°C)
Battery Removable and rechargeable Li-ion Battery; AA optional, CR123 optional
Detection Automated Colorimetric; Explosive and Narcotic/Drug- Bulk and Trace
Swipe Sampling Applications People, Hands, Fingers, Skin, Vehicles, Packages, Bags, Cargo, Containers, Glass, Plastic, Metal, Wood, Cement, Rubber, Fabric, plus much more.
Standard Warranty 1 Year parts and labor (extended plans available)


Explosives Detected Nitroaromatics Drugs Detected Methamphetamine
Nitramines MDMA
Nitrate Esters Cocaine
Inorganic Nitrates THC
Chlorates LSD
Peroxides Opiates
Perchlorates Heroin