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The high quality construction of this Companion canvas backpack will give anyone a renewed reason to hit the road. Whether you’re looking for an adventure, or just heading to class, this traveling backpack will allow you to stuff it’s spacious dimensions full of anything you may need to carry around. Constructed in your choice of Ocean Blue or Desert Tan canvas, both colors are accentuated by the rich tones of the deep leather trim.
For the top flap, brass fixtures provide weight to this area to help keep it in place. This covering also securely obscures the opening at the top of this drawstring canvas backpack. These brass rivets are the real deal – going completely through the cover flap and holding the leather accents firmly in place on the opposite side. Dual leather loops on the front of the bag help to secure the top flap in place with the help of brass snaps.

The exterior of the Companion traveling backpack comes complete with three different pockets. Each designed to carry a large number of items, their own flaps help to keep their contents safe from sticky fingers and prying eyes. The front-most of these pockets snaps shut with a pressure-release brass buckle. The side pockets are deep and extend out from the bag, making them perfect for carrying a 20 ounce drink in one, and a small umbrella in the other!