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The CAT Combat Application Tourniquet,introduced to U.S. Army in 2005 is a true one-handed tourniquet, widely credited with decreasing mortality rates due to extremity exsanguination by 85%. After an exhaustive study, the U.S. Army Institute of Research deemed it to be 100% effective.

Now, CAT Resources has developed the CAT GEN7. Following extensive field reviews, the CAT GEN7 has been completely re-designed, making it the most effective Combat Application Tourniquet to date. The new GEN7 is simpler to use thanks to a single application protocol, single buckle routing system and further improvements to its components and construction.

North American Rescue Combat Application Tourniquet, Medical Tourniquet 30-0001.

Cat Combat Application Tourniquet Specification:

Model: Combat Application Tourniquet
Product Type: Medical
Finish/Color: Black
Description: Tourniquet