Bluewater 6.5MM Sewn Prusik Brown Loops
Bluewater Sewn Prusik Blue Loop - 6.5MM

Bluewater 6.5MM Sewn Prusik Loops


Bluewater Ropes

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Bluewater Sewn Prusik Loop - 6.5MM

Bluewater sewn prusiks feature a sewn termination for the ultimate in strength and safety. Computer controlled sewing machines precisely stitch each prusik with 277 polyester thread for a strong and reliable stitch. BlueWater sewn prusiks are much lighter and less bulky than tied prusiks. These have a low profile with no knots to become loose or get in your way. Manufactured in the U.S.A. from Domestic and Globally sourced raw materials.

As a result of our thirty plus years of sewing experience and our commitment to the finest quality and highest level of safety, we absolutely batch test each machine set up for ALL sewn products. Our comprehensive testing program insures our products meet the rated strength every time we manufacture each specific product.

MBS: 2,800 lbf. (12.4 kN)