Bluewater 10.3MM GymLine LE Static Red/Blue Ropes

Bluewater 10.3MM GymLine LE Static Ropes

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Bluewater GymLine LE Static Rope -10.3MM

A slimmer version of our workhorse 10.5mm GymLine low elongation rope. The 10.3mm Gymline LE has a completely redesigned core to allow for better handling charactersitics and reduce stiffening with age and use. Features a 32 carrier polyester sheath with a nylon core.

Available in:
100M and 200M Lengths in Red/Blue.

@ 300 lbf. = 4.6%
@ 600 lbf. = 7.9%
@ 1000 lbf. = 11.5%

Diameter: 10.3mm
Grams Per Meter: 74
Tensile Strength: 6,500 lbf. (28.9 kN)
Sheath Mass: 50%