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Action Targets PT Scout Complete Kit with 12" AR500 Circle

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Action Targets PT Scout Complete Kit with 12" AR500 Circle

The PT Scout is the first of its kind portable target, designed for every range and every shooter. Working with the world's best competitive shooters and knowledge from our own 33-year legacy, we've developed the safest, best sounding and most portable steel target ever created. Our patent-pending design sheds bullets from impact, down and away from shooters and spectators. Because we have angled the 2x4 parallel to the target plate, spall and splatter do not cut your 2x4 to pieces. This keeps your 2x4 reusable and your hands and upholstery safe from cuts and scratches. Because the parts are modular, replacing a damaged piece is simple and affordable when compared to competitors welded base designs. 

This PT Scout Kit comes ready to go to the range, just add a 2x4. 


  • (1) PT Scout target stand assembly 
  • Left and right foot, base and top cap 
  • Wing bolts and locking pins 
  • (1) 12" Circle - 3/8" thick AR500 steel with attached spring steel bracket and hardware 


  • Rugged AR500 steel recommended for calibers up to .45 ACP - For rifle use, check out our PT Scout rifle-rated target heads with replaceable carriage bolts and AR550 steel. 
  • Forward-leaning design angles the 2x4* and the target plate for maximum safety 
  • Engineered to ring loud so you have positive feedback on good hits 
  • Interchangeable target plates 
  • Adjustable top cap allows you to reposition the target at any level on your 2x4 
  • Tool-free means you have more room in your range bag and more time on the range 
  • Compact design fits in any vehicle 
  • All hardware comes attached, but should any come loose, the PT Scout has a built in 3/4" wrench on each foot to crank those nuts tight 
  • Base and feet are made from rugged 7-gauge mild steel 
  • All parts are painted to resist corrosion 
  • Zinc plated bracket to prevent corrosion and rust 
  • AR500 plate recommended for pistol calibers from 10 yards and beyond 

*2x4 is not included