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Action Targets PT Practice Stand

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Action Targets PT Practice Stand

The PT Practice Stand was designed to get rid of frustrating traditional bulky steel targets that don't easily fit in cars. Action Target went to the drawing board and came up with a collapsible stand that is both ergonomic and durable. 

The PT Practice stand has two settings. The high setting is 3' tall, and the lower setting is 2' tall. You can set it to the lower setting by pulling the neck back 90 degrees and then pushing down until it locks in place. You can then mount the target head using the bolt holes located on the front of the round handle. The lower setting provides increased stability for heavier target heads (e.g. PT Torso, PT Hostage, etc.).

Made to fit all Action Target steel target heads, the PT Practice Stand is the perfect training tool for the commuting shooter. Completely folded, the stand is less than 3’ long and can easily fit into the trunk of any car, so you can take it wherever your shooting adventures take you.

NOTE: The The PT Practice Stand does not come with a target head.