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Action Targets Full Size Clearing Trap

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Action Targets Full Size Clearing Trap

Dry firing a gun is often necessary to check its status and insure all rounds have been removed. Our double-walled clearing traps make this a safe and simple process.

This trap may be used to check handguns and rifles (up to .223 & .308), with complete confidence that the trap's armor steel chamber filled with composite rubber will safely contain any unexpected shots fired.

The Action Target Full Size Clearing Trap is perfect for shooting ranges, locker rooms, armories, gunsmiths, and correctional facilities.

Other clearing traps are available on the market, but at prices much higher than they need to be - some as high as $700! The Action Target Clearing Trap costs less than that amount. This low price does not reflect on the trap's quality as it is made of the finest steel and designed to meet our strictest standards. Rather, it reflects on Action Target's desire to provide a valuable service and give something back to the law enforcement community.

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How does the clearing trap contain bullets?The interior steel box is made of ballistic armor steel and is filled with chopped rubber mixed with a fire retardant.

Can I fire rifle rounds into the Full-Size Clearing Trap?Yes. The Full-Size Clearing Trap is designed to safely contain rifle rounds up to .223 and .308. It can also take any shotgun round including shotgun slugs.

How many rounds can I shoot into the clearing trap?The Full-Size Clearing Trap can safely handle up to 250 fired rounds. Once your clearing trap has reached this limit, you can empty the contents of the clearing trap by unscrewing the top and then replenish the rubber inside by purchasing a replacement bag.

Can I leave the clearing trap outside?Because the Full-Size Clearing Trap is covered in Rhino Lining, it is weather-resistant and can be left outside without significant damage.

Does the clearing trap need to be bolted down in order to function safely?There are bolt holes in the base of the stand, but the Full-Size Clearing Trap does not need to be bolted down in order to be safely used. The bolt holes are there for convenience if you would like to prevent it from moving or tipping over should someone bump into it.

How far do I need to put the muzzle inside the trap in order to safely discharge the gun?The muzzle only needs to enter the mouth of the trap a few inches in order for the gun to be safely discharged. Before firing, ensure the barrel is parallel with the body of the clearing trap.