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221B Hondo Patrol Bag + Level IIIA Bullet Resistant Armor Panel Insert 11" x 14"

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 Hondo Patrol Bag will ship from 221B Tactical.

*Backpack Armor Panel will ship directly from the manufacturer. Current lead time is 2-4 weeks.

*Armor plates are custom-made and can not be cancelled.


  • 3-ways to carry….shoulder, backpack, hand
  • Specific design features which allow ease of use while seated in the driver seat of your patrol car....which is where you are accessing your patrol bag from most of the time
  • Shoulder strap is removable and concealable and is designed to secure around the back of the passenger seat in your patrol car....keeping your bag in place
  • Backpack straps are concealable
  • Works great for range days or any other activities outside of patrol
  • Exterior dual-zippered pouches include exterior molle and compartments
    for waterproof storage
  • Exterior clear ID card pocket
  • Exterior pouches flip down to reveal additional hidden storage
  • Bag features heavy duty dual zippers all around as well as heavy duty buckle clips
  • Flush mounted buckle clips allow for ease of use in tactical situations and while on the move
  • Fully expandable to allow for an additional 2” of storage depth
  • Interior allows for storage of all your patrol gear and even has secure compartments for your phone or tablet....critical patrol essentials


  • Weight: 3.7 lbs
  • Dimensions: W 18" x H 14" x D 6" (collapsed) D 9" (expanded)
  • Bag capacity: 30 liters 

Features of the Level IIIA 11"x14" Ballistic Soft Armor Panel

Offers protection against the following threats....

    • 9mm

    • .380

    • 40 S&W

    • .45 ACP

    • 357 Sig

    • 44 Magnum

Only .25" thick, this Level 3A Ballistic Panel was designed specifically to be placed inside your bag, briefcase, laptop bag or backpack.

Composed of a Kevlar blend (woven and unidirectional), CNT and EIP foam, this 11"x14" Ballistic Panel will give you the protection you need against the above listed threats when easily placed inside the bag of your choice. This is a great option for when you are looking for SOME level of protection in the event you find yourself in an active shooter situation.  A GREAT addition to ANY bag....especially your child's backpack or loved one's everyday bag.

  • Anti-Microbial (Stops Odor, bacteria, mold and fungi)

  • 5-year ballistic material warranty/ 18-month workmanship 

NOTE: The coverage area of this 11x14 panel will help protect the most vital organs in your body, specifically your heart and lungs, when positioned accordingly.