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This Month's Prize:

December 2019

SecPro Ballistic Stream OC Pepper Spray Gel Level III 0.75 oz.

pepper spray

Designed for police and civilians. Allows the user to protect themselves and quickly incapacitate multiple threats from a safe distance by discharging Level III direct target gel that eliminates wind blowback with no in-air atomization, meaning it only affects the target/person it directly contacts. Gel also offers a 20% greater range than traditional pepper spray as it won't spread through HVAC systems and is designed not to affect others in the immediate area. Proudly made in the US, the unit contains a 10% OC formulation at 2,000,000 SHU 1.25% TC that offers 25% more stopping power than leading brands.


    • 0% OC formu­lation at 2,000,000 SHU 1.25 % TC (Total Capsaicinoids) ASTA Method 21.3, latest measurement standard.
    • Pepper gel formualation does not atomize like traditional pepper spray, which eliminates wind blowback and only affects what it directly contacts, while also offer 20% greater range for protection at a safer distance
    • Safe for use with EMD devices (Electro-Muscular Disruptor) such as TASER™.
    • 5 year shelf life (250% longer than leading competitors!)
    • UV Marking Dye aids in identifying assailants
    • Durable metal clip allows for easy attachment to holster or duty belt.

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