Combat ID Patches


Thermal ID

Thermal ID panels and patches made from a passive material, intended for outdoor use,when exposed to open sky will reflect thermal energy of the sky ( on a clear day sky temperature can drop to -30oc) and appear as a contrasting cold area on thermal device.

Same material for 3-5 micron & 8-12 micron.


Thermal ID patches

Custom made Thermal ID patches for IFF identifications
Velcro brand backing.
Custom shape and size


Thermal Combat Identification Panel

Thermal ID panels for rescue and tactical signaling.
Personal combat ID panels.
Boresight combat ID panels.
Tanks and Vehicles combat ID panels.
Custom size and fabrics.
Thermal ID micro panel for thermal beacon signal


Vehicle Thermal ID

Roof top ID markers for thermal vision devices
Magnetic or adhesive backing
Letters and numbers
Custom size, shape and colors


Thermal Combat ID Tape

Thermal ID Tape ( with adhesive backing ).
Custom sizes.
Custom colors.





Infrared ID




IR identification products made from a passive material engineered to absorb all visual light spectrum and reflect back only infrared. Reflected IR wavelength can be customize ( 0.7-1.4 micron ). IR reflective products will remain covert and will be activated only when IR laser / light is pointed at. The reflected IR is returned in a narrow angle and can only be observed from the IR source viewpoint.


IR Flags

Custom made Infrared flag patches for IFF identifications
made from IR reflective material.
Velcro brand backing.
Custom logo, flag, letters and symbols


IR Callsign patches

Custom made Infrared Call sign patches
Reversible callsign patches
Custom colors (Tan/OD/MultiCam) texts and symbols
Combined blood type & callsign


IR IFF Squares

Custom made Infrared Call sign patches
Reversible callsign patches


Laser cut IR patches

Laser cut Cordura flag and callsign IR patches
Custom fabrics and hybrid combinations


Dual IR patches

IR flag with two different modes: visual and Infrared
Any cutom color and design


Blood type patches

Personal blood type IR pacthes
Custom colors (Tan/OD/MultiCam)


Vehicle IR markers

V marker for Vehicles
Magnetic or adhesive backed
Custom size and shape


Photoluminescent ID

High level long luminance (glow in the dark)
Luminous patches
helmet cat eyes
Fused IR & Luminous ID patches




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