X-RAY Security Systems: All You Need To Know

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X-RAY Security Systems: All You Need To Know

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At the airport your hand luggage is placed on a conveyor belt which is then passed through an X-ray machine.  This is more commonly known or referred to as a baggage scanner.  An X-ray is like a ray of light only it contains much more energy so it can pass through many layers of things.  The X-ray security system at the airport is based on what is known as dual-energy X-ray systems.  This consists of a single X-Ray source which then sends out several X-rays which are normally in the region of 140-160 KVP (kilovolt peak).  The KVP is an indicator of the penetration force of the x-ray.  The higher the KVP reading is, the deeper the penetration of the x-ray.

Once the rays have penetrated the item, they are transmitted by a detector.  The detector then processes the rays on to a filter, which stops the lower energy rays.  The higher rays then pass on through a second detector.  A computer then compares what has been picked up by the two different energy levels.  Different materials absorb rays at different levels and the image that is seen on the screen by the X-ray security system operator allows the operator to see what is inside the luggage.  The items on the screen will appear in color which is brought about by the amount of energy that passes through the item and is representative of three main categories, being metal, organic and inorganic.  Most organic and inorganic items will appear as the color orange.  Generally speaking explosives are made from organic materials and thus X-ray security system operators are trained to pick up on items that may raise suspicion and are not typically guns or knives.

The X-ray security system will not pose any kind of threat or damage to camera film or any kind of electronic item. 

This machine is typically used at airports as it allows for maximum penetration though materials.  These machines are referred to as the cabinet x-ray system which means that the x-ray system is inside a cabinet or enclosure so as to protect individuals from x-rays transmitted through the machine.  These systems are primarily used for security screening purposes but can also be used in medical labs for the analysis of tissue samples.

Baggage that goes on to the plane and into the cargo hold is checked as well. This is done in one of three ways.  Firstly, a pallet of cargo is scanned in one go using a medium X-ray system.  Secondly, a mobile X-ray system is used when a truck which is fitted with an X-ray scanning system is driven past a truck containing all the luggage which is then scanned all at once.  The third method is referred to as a fixed-site system and this is when a building in its entirety is fitted out as a huge X-ray security system. The luggage is pulled into the building via a truck and trailer and the truck and trailer with the luggage is scanned all at once.  These X-ray machines which are used for a baggage scanner can be harmful to film or electronic gadgets. This is why it is wise to rather carry these on hand luggage.


The most recommended X-ray security system for schools or offices would be the PX 5.3 Security X-ray Inspection System.  This machine will scan anything from school backpacks to staff briefcases as well as any other medium to small items.  It is a space efficient machine with casters to allow for easy moving around.  It can be pushed through a standard sized doorway.  It is the perfect machine for any place where security is high on the priority list.  It has excellent imaging facilities and will rapidly detect any kind of weapon, explosive or contraband.

With security being paramount in the world in which we live today, it is important to invest in the right kind of X-ray security system and in particular for a baggage scanner.  The machine which offers you the highest image and the lowest false alarm is the machine which you need to be looking for.  You need a machine which will not only provide you with the best in security but will also be economically efficient.  Eliminate the need for human intervention and thus human error by investing in an X-ray security system which will speedily and efficiently detect any unwanted or dangerous items.  Make sure that the company from which you purchase your X-ray security system has a good service and training department and that parts will be readily and speedily available in the event of a breakdown.

Hand held X-ray security systems are also available and these are generally used at schools or public venues to scan people before they enter the building.


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