Tools that Protect People Who Protect Us

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Tools that Protect People Who Protect Us

There is a proper tool for every job and in the protection industry, Security PRO USA focuses on quality tools that are easy to deploy, safe to use, and that enhance the protection that security personnel face during active shooter events.

Riot Police Gear — we provide full riot suits, riot shields, and crowd control devices and protective clothing.

Ballistic Shields — Our Ballistic shields selection is designed as a bulletproof shield to stop most penetrating weapons such as rounds from rifles, handguns, arrows, and debris such as rocks and bottles keeping law enforcement and security personnel safer and protecting against active shooters.

Active Shooter Kits — Easy to employ with comprehensive results - our Active Shooter Kits contain IV hard armor plate that aid in protecting against active shooters.

Gas Masks — designed to allow you to function and maintain order in the face of chemical weapons. Our gas masks are military grade and they pair with riot police gear.

Security PRO USA takes defense and protection seriously. In a situation where there is growing incidence of violence, active shooters and terrorism, it is imperative that agencies and individuals take action and arm themselves and their staff with the equipment that helps increase safety and functionality in critical response situations.


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