The Government Purchasing Maze Made Easy

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The Government Purchasing Maze Made Easy

If you’ve ever attempted to buy equipment from a homeland-security vendor, be it a helmet, armor, x-ray machine, or detection device, you‘ve likely experienced the modern-day equivalent of hell.

Security directors and corporate buyers loathe the onerous bidding process, which consumes their time and resources. Shipping times are all over the map; some vendors are not scrupulous, and many are clueless when it comes to giving solid and knowledgeable security advice.

A basic rule is to work with an approved supplier under the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule—if not, the vendor hasn’t been vetted and is likely to offer you higher prices, not to mention the uncertainty of doing business with a company that isn’t vetted and may be unqualified in the industry. The GSA manages more than 25% of the government’s total contracting dollars and negotiates contracts that account for $40 billion worth of goods and services bought annually from the private sector—it’s an approval any vendor in the homeland security space needs.

But, even if you’ve found an approved vendor, chances are you’re still in for some delays. Many vendors simply do not have the expertise to adequately guide buyers.  Al Evan, the CEO and founder of Security Pro USA, is an ex-combat veteran. His firm has been approved since 1986, and he passes GSA benefits on to customers, along with his invaluable guidance, integration skills and security expertise.

For example, buying through Security Pro USA guarantees that clients are receiving the best value and the right equipment. How? Evan will ask why you need it and what you plan to do with it—simple questions many firms do not ask. He gives integration assistance that ensures your equipment will be used expertly and appropriately. Lead times are reduced as well because you won’t be referred to a sales or a factory rep.  You’ll get smart direction, quick responses and expertise along with being on the fast track to receiving your merchandise.

Example: With many companies, equipment is primarily outsourced; not so at Security Pro USA. Many items, including helmets, armor and a whole line of tactical products are in stock and can be shipped almost immediately.

Security Pro USA is a well-oiled logistic machine, and Evan also consults customers on best solutions while devising logistics’ delivery plans to end users even in remote geographical areas. Evan says that experience and long-term partnerships, along with an ongoing adaptation to new technologies and an ever-changing geopolitical landscape, have helped achieve his company’s goals. “Our business must be in sync with U.S. export controls and regulations so we are constantly fine tuning,” he says. “Our company’s R&D department is capable of product integration that meets our customers’ security requirements for law enforcement and the military.”

Security Pro USA has developed an intricate, detailed and diverse set of satisfied global clients in Military, Government, Defense, Aviation, Maritime and Peacekeeping. The company employs ex-military officers, soldiers and analysts, and their combined skill sets are deployed in every consultation guaranteeing that only the best is brought to the table. Its customers are never alone when tackling their security needs. Since expert consultation is a vital part in any decision-making process, be a homeland security tactical survivor – buy with the professionals at


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