The Evolving Urban Threat

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The Evolving Urban Threat

There was a time, even in urban America, where people respected others, and other people’s property. The law, and Law Enforcement acted as a deterrent to criminal behavior and neighbors were quick to get involved if they saw something out of line.  Sadly, this has changed. Property crimes are skyrocketing. For example, in California voters approved proposition 47 which made many, previously arrestable crimes non-bookable, meaning criminals must be given a ticket, and released back onto the streets. Proposition 57, also approved by California voters made release of “non-violent” offenders mandatory. Unfortunately, the law did not define what crimes were “non-violent” so rapes, spousal batteries and several other crimes which we might think were violent, came with a quick release, revolving door. New York recently enacted a law curtailing the use of bail and pre-trial detention. Meaning arrested parties are released back into society with no surety that they will appear for their trials. And no mechanism for keeping dangerous people off the street between the initial arrest, and sentencing.  What does all this mean to the law-abiding citizen? Protect yourself and those you value, because expecting the criminal justice system to keep you safe, is no longer reasonable or realistic.

So, what can one do to protect themselves and their families? Well a firearm is one good way. However a gun without training is not just worthless, but inherently dangerous to the owner as well as anyone who comes across it. So, if you select that route, you must be responsible enough to learn how to properly store, and use the firearm. And get ongoing training and practice.

Technology is evolving, in the same way that our society does. We can use emerging technologies to help us. Let’s take a look at some of the possible options for those who are concerned about their safety.

Trust In Experience



There are many ways to protect yourself and your home. For starters, consider having a professional provide a threat assessment to get an accurate picture of where you are most and least vulnerable. Whether the threat assessment service is for a school, religious center, office space or your home, there are professionals out there ready to guide you in the right direction.


Body Armor All The Way



While many communities’ governments allow concealed carry weapons, some larger cities continue to hold out, allowing concealed weapons permits for only those with the best political connections. But, whether you choose to carry a firearm, or not, you might consider body armor. For those who find they have a high threat level, or are concerned about the possibility of an armed threat entering their home, concealed body armor might be an option. The choices abound, with many comfortable products that give great protection, at reasonable prices. There are many choices available. One of the budget priced options is the Secpro Shadow Armor


concealable bulletproof vest


For less than $200 you get both ballistic and stab protection in a very wearable package. If your work, or part of your lifestyle, exposes you to a high threat, this can be a great, low-cost option to increase your protection.


Be Watching



Recently a couple in California was exposed to legal troubles for violently confronting a thief, who possibly victimized the pair several times before the incident. Had the couple collected evidence of the prior thefts, along with possible identifying information, they could have filed police reports and possibly used the proper legal channels, in lieu of feeling that they needed to take the law into their own hands. Mechanisms for collecting such evidence are easily acquired. Some excellent options can be found here for surreptitious evidence collection. Currently technology has grown in leaps and bounds, by giving us Wi-Fi options, and easily portable or deployed equipment.


Ballistic Panels!



Finally, if your work place, or other areas of large gatherings has a string threat for ballistic interference, consider using ballistic panels at areas of entry. Some panels are even well concealed as white boards, or other common office materials. As such, they can blend in with many environments.

Overall, despite the changing threat levels in our society, there are easy and unobtrusive methods you can take to mitigate the risks and better protect yourself and your work place or home. The key is to keep up with technology, because we know the bad guys will.


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Mike Lazarus
Military and Law Enforcement Veteran
FBI certified firearm instructor
MP5 and Sub Machine gun instructor
Defensive tactics instructor


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