Modular Vehicle Barriers: A New Light on Mifram’s Bestseller

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Modular Vehicle Barriers: A New Light on Mifram’s Bestseller

Have you heard about the Mifram vehicle barrier? If you haven't, it's time you did, because these vehicle barriers have so many important uses. Combat zones, installations, and camps are all areas where anti ram vehicle barriers are used, but a vehicle barrier system can be the right choice for a company or business, and even for civilian or personal use. Depending on where you live or work, having a barrier that can stop a vehicle from getting through may matter. Especially in dangerous areas, but even in locations where privacy is simply important and required. Here's what you should know about these barriers.

How Does a Mifram Vehicle Barrier Work?

These barriers work by stopping a vehicle from driving into or through a particular area. They are a non-lethal barrier, so they aren't designed to cause a crash in the same way something like a cement barricade would. Instead, they are set up to "catch" a vehicle and stop it from moving any further. They can be placed in a location as is, or anchored to the ground for added protection. It only takes one person to set them up, but they are a very effective way of stopping traffic that may want to get into a particular location.

Are These Really Widely Used?

This vehicle barrier system is used all over, by both urban and rural security professionals. In 13 years of operating globally, there have been zero reported breakdowns of this barrier system. They are more effective than spike strips, and because they aren't designed to harm passengers they are safer in a number of ways when compared to some of the other options on the market today.

How Well Do They Protect People and Property?

While there is no realistic way to guarantee that someone can never get into a particular location, these vehicle barriers go a very long way toward stopping a car, truck, or SUV from driving up to a location where it's not authorized to be. For example, these can be placed where a car cannot drive into a parade crowd or a demonstration. They can also be used to keep people out of a military installation or a prison camp. There are a wide number of uses for this barrier system.

Why Does it Matter Now?

The world is changing, and in many ways that's not for the betterment of society. Because of that, having strong perimeter security and being able to protect your location can become more important than expected. With that in mind, having these anti ram vehicle barriers can offer you both security and peace of mind. Ready to assemble your barriers and get started with better perimeter security and much more? Check out our video for the help and guidance you need to get moving!



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