How Do Metal Detectors Work?

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How Do Metal Detectors Work?

If you've ever wondered how metal detectors work, you're not alone. These detectors seem to catch everything important, yet they aren't set off by simple things like earrings or other jewelry. Additionally, they sometimes catch "problems" that aren't really problems, like someone who has a metal plate or screws and other hardware in their body from surgery to repair a damaged area. It's much better to have false positives than false negatives, so people who are carrying weapons can't get through security and potentially cause harm to others.

Is There More Than One Type of Metal Detector?

There are two types of walkthrough detectors. One of them focuses on whether there is an object detected at all. This is called a single zone detector. The other type, which is a multi-zone detector, can tell you which side of the body the detected object is located on. That is an obvious difference in the way the detection is done and also in the value of the detection. For areas where security needs to be understandably very tight, having a multi zone detector may be a better and safer choice. But there are some locations where traffic through the detector is light and a single zone detector may be enough.

Why Choose a Multi Zone Detector for Your Location

Knowing where the object is makes it easier for security personnel to quickly respond. It also makes it easier to move larger groups of people into or out of an area in a more efficient manner. The prices of detectors used by the TSA range from around $30,000 to near $250,000, depending on what kind of detector is purchased and what all it is scanning for. A simple metal detector is on the lower end of that range or even less, while more features and more scanning abilities are going to raise the price. Not all locations need to have a full body scanner, as a metal detector is going to be enough to catch concerns at a lot of places.

Security Pro USA is a leading West Coast dealer of Garrett Metal Detectors. We carry several brands and types of scanners, including Garrett's popular PD 6500i model, which leads the industry with its technology and discrimination features. The Garrett handheld metal detector is an excellent choice for many applications and can be used in conjunction with the walkthrough detectors. These handheld devices help find a weapon or other metal object on the body, and can be used on their own or after the walkthrough detector has alerted on a person moving through it. Our product specialists can help you choose the options that will work best for your needs. 

Courthouses, Police Stations, and More Use These Detectors

A number of different locations and businesses use walkthrough metal detectors. Police stations and court houses are some of the more commonly thought-of businesses, along with airports. Many stadiums have them for sporting events, and some private businesses use them if there are reasons to believe that there may be criminal activity there or if they have something that's highly valuable. Reasons for having a walkthrough metal detector vary, but anyone who needs one can find an option that works for them and meets their needs. We'll help make the process easy for you. Contact us today for a quote! If you're looking for a portable walk through metal detector we carry the M-Scope by Fisher Labs


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