How a Bulletproof Vest Can Save Your Life

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How a Bulletproof Vest Can Save Your Life

Wondering about the need for personal body armor? Is it going to be beneficial, wearable, and worth the expense? Security Pro USA can help you make that decision. Let’s look at some of the different types of users and see if you can relate.

Active Military, Embedded Journalist, War Zone Rescuers

If there is any possibility of being in or near an area of active combat, you need one of the best level IV bulletproof vests available. This vest can absorb the shot from any handgun, any rifle including an AK 47, and also stabbing attacks. You’re a journalist riding with 3 soldiers in a jeep. Suddenly, you run into a group of dissidents. You take a shot right in the center of your chest with a 30-06 armor-piercing bullet. The impact throws you backward, knocking the air out of your lungs. You are dizzy from hitting your head and wonder if this is the end. Then your lungs fill again and you realize your chest hurts like crazy, but there is no blood. You are alive to fight another fight. The body armor did its job.

SWAT, FBI, Special Police Divisions

SWAT, FBI, and police officers working in some capacities are supplied with level IIIA or IV body armor vests. They may be in pursuit of dangerous criminals, serving search warrants, or issuing court orders. As a SWAT agent, you go to a place where three wanted individuals are keeping women and children. The team designs a very specific plan to extract the hostages and arrest the offenders. Before beginning the plan execution, you put on our level IIIA body armor vests in anticipation of encountering armed offenders. Although several officers are hit with handgun shots, they execute the plan, and arrest the offenders, killing one and wounding another.

Police, Security, Body Guards, Bank Guards

Most of the officials in this category usually wear IIA or III vests.                          People who work in this capacity wear their vests for long hours per day, requiring a soft vest for tolerance. Most of these individuals are in a position where there is a heightened risk of a shooting incident. In a bank robbery situation, the guard would be disarmed immediately and treated as a hostage. When the sniper shoots the first robber, you rush the second one and take a shot in the stomach from a 357 sig. Thanks to your body armor, you still manage to tackle and disarm the crook, allowing the SWAT team to get in and save the hostages.

Politicians, Lecturers, Free Speech Proponents, Free Speech Opponents, Protesters, Riot Participants, 

Many politicians, lecturers, and speakers on controversial subjects have begun to wear level II or IIA vests. The right to free speech has become a fighting topic. Sadly, if one chooses to go to a large gathering of people, there may be an opposing group there. If you go to hear one of your favorite speakers, his advisors will have him wearing a level II body armor vest, just in case. 

You too are wearing a level II body armor vest. It’s lightweight, not too restricting, and not bad to wear for a couple of hours. Midway through the speech, the entire group of protestors breaks out 9mm guns, and bullets start flying. Before you realize it, you are face to face with a shooter and he shoots you right in the chest. You turn and run out of there, thanks to your bulletproof vest.

If you don’t see yourself in one of these examples, contact our experts at Security Pro USA and let them help you determine the best body armor for your purpose. We have the level you need. Come to us and we will help you find it.

We look forward to helping you protect yourself. 


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