Holiday Gift Guide for Military and Law Enforcement

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holiday gifts for military and law enforcement

As we get closer to the holidays, some people (present company included) are still working on their shopping lists. And if you have a Service Member, or First Responder on your list of recipients, let me help you out. The fact is, Service Members and First Responders are easy to shop for, if you approach the matter from their perspective.

First of all, we are talking about people whose life work is to serve their respective communities or country. Speaking from experience, we are typically very appreciative of any gesture that re-enforces our commitment and has even a modicum of “thank you” in it. 

holiday gifts for military and law enforcement

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at gift ideas for military, law enforcement and other first responders. And while we’re at it, we can probably include Security specialists as well.

If we are looking for the ultimate in gift giving and have a generous budget, I would steer towards safety gear, specifically concealable body armor for Law Enforcement or Security. If the intended recipient does not have proper body armor, or their armor is older than five years, this can be a fantastic gift. Nothing says “I care about you” like body armor. It can literally save a life. Security Pro has a wide selection of body armor and a wide range of pricing to match any budget. I would start with Level IIIA such as the SecPro CVIIIA Concealable Vest Level IIIA. Priced at under $400 it is a bargain in the world of concealable body armor and is rated to stop threats up to .44 magnum rounds.

holiday gifts for military and law enforcement holiday gifts for military and law enforcement

Another great gift for both military and first responders is footwear: boots! Security Pro has a wide range of tactical boots, many of which meet military uniform standards. First Responders usually have slightly more relaxed standards, frequently requiring only a black boot. If that is the case, then the selection opens up even wider. A good pair of Gore-tex or otherwise water proof boots are always appreciated, and as our weather changes, into the colder or wetter months, this becomes even more important. Warm, dry feet can have a remarkable impact on ones’ disposition, making a cold rainy mission tolerable.  Years ago, someone gifted me a pair of Original SWAT boots in roughout brown. Despite many miles and years, (and a few blood stains) they are still very serviceable and frequently worn by me. The newer Reebok boots are also fantastic and far more comfortable than anything on the market just a few years ago.  

holiday gifts for military and law enforcement

Another great gift for both military and law enforcement are headlamps. If you are not familiar, headlamps are basically flashlights, configured in such a way that they can be worn on a band, around the head with the light being positioned for maximum advantage by the wearer. Headlamps will fit any kind of budget. Security Pro offers headlamps from around $10 on up to more complex and feature rich lamps. If you are looking for a gift for the “white elephant” work place gift exchange, these are always popular. Many first responders like to have several. One for their car, one for work, and one in their “go bag”. Military personnel also make good use of headlamps, allowing them to work hands free with good illumination. And if memory serves me, wasn’t part of this holiday season the result of some wise men following good illumination to a manger? Happy Holidays to all from Security Pro USA.


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