De-Escalation Training: Why Kids Should Learn Self Defense Tactics

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De-Escalation Training: Why Kids Should Learn Self Defense Tactics

Self-defense is often portrayed as something that only certain types of people should learn, but this is far from the truth. In fact, everyone can benefit from some level of self-defense skills. We all hope an attack never happens, but it is much better to know self-defense and never need to use it than to get attacked and have no idea how to defend yourself. Even children can benefit from learning self-defense.

The Benefits of Self-Defense Classes for Kids

There are several reasons why self-defense is a good thing for kids to learn. Unfortunately, there are people out there who will attack children. If that ever happens, they should have a way to fend off their attackers. 

Second, self-defense is a great form of exercise for kids. The CDC recommends that kids between the ages of 6 and 17 get at least an hour a day of physical activity. Self-defense training is a great way to get this exercise and burn off some energy. Also, self-defense training will help them build muscle and increase their agility and balance. These classes can help children to control their movements and body. 

Sadly, bullying is a concern in many schools around the country, but self-defense training can help. This is not to say that a kid should beat up their bullies just because he can, but if a bully does attack, it’s good to know proper self-defense strategies. Kids can also learn de-escalation techniques in a self-defense class that may help them avoid any sort of physical confrontation in the first place. 

One of the best things about self-defense training is that it helps children build confidence and discipline. Learning self-defense techniques takes a lot of focus and self-control. In some cases, parents see a marked improvement in their children’s behavior as a result of self-defense training. During these courses, children also learning to recognize and respect their instructor and other figures of authority. 

How Self-Defense Courses Help the Parents Too

Self-defense classes are not just great for children. They can help the parents, too. Many parents find that their children act out less as they go through the course. One of the largest benefits for parents is peace of mind. Knowing that their children have the knowledge to defend themselves and de-escalate conflict can help parents breathe a bit easier. Of course, the hope is that their child will never need to defend themselves, but it is easier to know that they can if they have to. 

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