Boy Raises $80K To Buy Protective Ballistic Vests For Police K-9s

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Boy Raises $80K To Buy Protective Ballistic Vests For Police K-9s

K-9 officers don't all have ballistic vests. I actually just assumed this was something included in tactical gear for the dogs but the majority of these K-9 units are self-funded and do not have these vests. These vests are over $1,000 a piece!

First, thank goodness for this child who decided K-9 officers needed the same level of protection as their human partners! I certainly hope more people donate after watching these videos. He's very inspiring.

What is Brady's K-9 fund? A little nine-year-old boy raised money so ballistic vests could be donated to K-9s across the country. Brady's Fund was his brainchild and it's incredible! You can donate by visiting the GoFundMe page. 78 vests have been donated thus far and the vests can cost as much as $1,200.

Here's another video that features what Brady's K-9 Fund did for officers!

Think about this! Brady is a third grader from Strongsville, Ohio and now he's the founder of an organization that's literally saving the lives of K-9 units all over the country. This story is incredible!

This all started in 2018. He established Brady's K9 Fund after watching Live PD on TV when he saw a police dog pop up on the screen who was not wearing a bulletproof protective vest. Brady has always dreamed of growing up to become a police officer! 

Requests for the bulletproof vests are coming in every day and police departments across the country are benefiting from this campaign! Help Brady raise money and perhaps contact your local police K-9 unit and ask if they know about this program so you can promote this locally. When a K-9 police officer is killed in the line of duty folks will think twice about whether or not this tragedy would have happened if they had a ballistic vest.




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