Ballistic Vest Saves Security Guard From Shoot Out (VIDEO)

ballistic vest saves security guard from shoot out

 May 24, 2019

A Johannesburg (South-Africa) security guard faced a hail of gunfire and walked away unscathed thanks to his ballistic vest.

Five suspects opened fire on the guard during an armed robbery and shooting in Quellerina, Johannesburg, on Wednesday morning.

Police are searching for six men in connection with the incident after the five suspects made off in a white getaway vehicle driven by a sixth perpetrator.

Video footage surfaced online showing a National Security and Fire (formerly known as Chubb) official bravely trying to apprehend the suspects.

Gauteng provincial police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo said the suspects gained access to the property at 06:15, and held up a husband and wife. The couple was robbed of jewellery, money, car keys and a wallet.

Masondo said the guard responded to the house alarm and took cover when the suspects began shooting at him He sustained no injuries thanks to his ballistic vest.

Source: BodyArmorNews


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