Ballistic Panels: All You Need To Know

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Ballistic Panels: All You Need To Know

In a lot of ways, a ballistic panel is more than just another safety solution. These mobile panels, also commonly referred to as "battle panels," have incredibly high expectations to live up to - oftentimes they're designed for use in situations where the stakes could not be higher. What are ballistic panels, why are they so effective and what can they do for you? Read on to find out more.

Ballistic Panels: What You Need to Know

Mobile ballistic panels are often made from high quality, laminated and fully bullet resistant fiberglass core materials that are themselves inside an MPS, or "Molded Expanded Polystyrene." What this means is that the surface is still going to be incredibly gentle to the touch and even tackable, but the centered fiberglass core is almost impossibly strong. Each 4' by 6' panel has an average weight of about 115 pounds and as always, custom panels can be built to better suit both your size and protection needs depending on the type of situation you're trying to prepare yourself for.

The end result is the type of panel that is capable of handling direct fire from a wide range of different sources, from something as small as a 9 mm hand gun all the way up to a 5.56 rifle and nearly everything in between. Many ballistic panels are also tested against 7.62 rifle NATO ball rounds, guaranteeing the absolute protection (not to mention the peace-of-mind) that you need when you need it the most.

If you want a clear cut example of why products like ballistic panels are so important to modern society, look no farther than the fact that according to the Gun Violence Archive, there were 307 mass shootings in the United States between January 1 and November 5 of 2017. That number breaks down to an average of about seven such incidents per week. To be clear, the most commonly accepted definition of a "mass shooting" is an event that A) kills four or more people, B) is one where the perpetrator selects victims randomly (meaning people they do not know, like family members or those in a rival gang), and C) occurs in a public place where such an event would be totally unexpected. Ballistic panels would absolutely serve as a viable protection solution in these types of situations, particularly when you consider that the types of firearms used by mass shooters falls well within their range of protection.

Because of that, ballistic panels can be used in nearly any environment that you can think of. They're commonly found in the walls of bank branches (even those in your neighborhood) and even have a place in office buildings, schools, retail stores, concert halls and similar types of places where large numbers of people tend to gather. 

Ballistic panels are so important because they're so effective, yes - but they also provide something far more important than that. In an era where the threat of gun violence is ever present, only a solution as robust, as versatile and as dependable will be able to generate the type of confidence you need to know that you're ready for anything that life happens to throw at you. 


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