Armored Cars, the Often-Overlooked Aspect of Personal Security

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Having grown up in Southern California I had the opportunity to embrace the car culture during my formative years. I was obsessed with all types of cars and so were many of my peers. I had the good fortune to attend high school with the son of one of America’s most famous custom car makers. On a regular basis this lucky young man drove to high school in one of his father’s creations. I took every auto shop class available and modified several of my own cars. So, when I see people of means purchasing fine automobiles of an exotic nature, I can completely understand their financial choices. Additionally, many of these people are also looking for increased personal security for themselves and their families. There is a way to combine these, seemingly opposing desires.


As I grew up and embarked on my life’s work, I came to value the security of an armored car. While deployed to Afghanistan, I got to see first hand the value of a well armored vehicle. Somewhere I have pictures of bullet impacts on an armored vehicle, the rounds bouncing off with little real impact except to leave a slight crease and amuse the occupants. As a SWAT Officer, I routinely deployed in an armored vehicle and my former employer used bullet proof panels for their patrol cars to further protect their officers. As a result, I have personally seen the value of armored vehicles.


One of the duties from my prior life was the assignment to protective services details. I worked on details in many different environments. I have even had the opportunity to work on Presidential and Vice-Presidential protection details. During some down time, I convinced some bored Secret Service Agents to let me take a look at the White House assigned limousines. The car’s protection capabilities are fantastic, but so are its limitations and, surprisingly, its luxury.


A Presidential motorcade is an impressive sight. An observer can take away many lessons from such a motorcade but for those of us who are security minded, a key take away is the high level vulnerability while in transit. Travel to and from a venue is often seen as one of the most vulnerable times for those who are at higher risk of attack. Hence the use of highly armored cars by heads of state and high profile, or high value citizens who want to increase their personal security.


Here is where my love of cars dovetails with my life experience.

I see many people who have the ability to reduce their exposure to threats of violence or abduction. These people will take precautions to arm themselves or security details. They have well developed home security systems and in times of high exposure, will wear concealed ballistic vests. All good choices. However, these people overlook their exposure during vehicle transit. Couple this with the fact that many high-profile people travel to work or recreation on a regular basis, which can be tracked by a determined threat, and you can see this leaves their overall security package with a large gap. This gap is properly closed by an armored vehicle.


Today’s bullet proof car is a far cry from the overburdened beast of times past. Gone is the heavy behemoth that was only available to the world’s richest or select heads of state. Now some forward-thinking vendors are offering armored vehicles which provide a very high level of protection, in various packages, to meet budgets. These vehicles are unassuming and will not stand out in any major city. They are remarkably luxurious compared to the presidential limousines I’ve seen and the technology and amenities can be top shelf. One of the basic precepts of personal defense and security is to avoid standing out as a possible target of great value. While an armored car can be within the means of many, a security detail as imposing as a Presidential Motorcade is out of the reach of most budgets. Hence, blending in is a good alternative.


Where might one look for such an armored car? There can be a confusing number of vendors, and many will mistakenly look at car makers or ballistic panel manufactures. While this might be a good start, these suppliers fall short of understanding the complete security package. A supplier, such as Security Pro, is an excellent place to begin your search. Security Pro has paired with a well know manufacturer to produce and provide bullet proof cars of amazing qualities and luxury. Take for example the Stretched Armored Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG. Furthermore, Security Pro can outfit the entire security detail with body armor and lethal and less lethal defensive options. Depending on your needs and threat assessments, your armored car can be outfitted to stop a wide range of ballistic attacks including armor piercing rifle ammunition. Security Pro can also deliver the vehicle with run flat tires (meaning a flat tire cannot stop you from escaping the attack) as well as bomb blankets for roadside bombing attacks. Using Security Pro to procure your armored vehicle, gives you the flexibility to design the car around your needs and address your other security needs. A provider such as Security Pro makes the most sense so you can ensure overlapping layers of defense for yourself and those you hope to protect, be it principle or family.


About the writer

Mike Lazarus

Military and Law Enforcement Veteran

FBI certified firearm instructor

MP5 and Sub Machine gun instructor

Defensive tactics instructor

Police Academy instructor


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