72 Hour Bug Out Bag Guide - Advice for Surviving 3 Days

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72 Hour Bug Out Bag Guide - Advice for Surviving 3 Days

The Top 10 Items to Keep In Your Bug Out Bag

No matter how prepared you are for an emergency situation, you must face the fact that your home may not always remain a safe place for your family to be. When faced with the prospect of bugging out, you may find yourself needing to make the decision on a moment's notice. Here are the 10 most important items to keep in your 3 day assault bag.

Survival Food and Water

You will need one gallon of water per person per day, and a supply of non-perishable food for four meals a day per person in your bug out bag at all times. Check this periodically to keep it within expiration dates.

Extra Batteries

Regardless of the other items you may have in your 3 day assault bag, most of them won't do you any good unless you have plenty of spare batteries for them. Even though these devices may hold their battery lives for ages when not in use, assume that each device will need at least two fresh sets of batteries every day. Cell phones should have solar charging units.


When all else fails, your hand crank or solar powered radio will still be able to receive signals. A combination radio and NOAA emergency weather system is suggested, with a tone to warn you of dangerous situations. These are a crucial link to the outside world.

First Aid Kit

Chances are that you will be facing dangerous situations when forced to use your 3 day assault bag. Having a properly stocked first aid kit can be the difference between life and death. Your kit should include three days’ worth of prescriptions for every member of the household.

Shelter in Place Gear

When the call comes to shelter in place, you need to be ready for it. Your bug out bag should contain heavy duty face masks for every member of the family, along with plastic sheeting to cover doors and windows, and duct tape to seal the area off.

Manual Can Opener

This simple tool can be the difference between full stomachs and going hungry. All the non-perishable food in the world won't help if you can't get into it. Every 3 day assault kit should contain at least two manual can openers.

Basic Survival Tools

You will need to have basic tools on hand to ensure your family can meet its needs. This includes duct tape, hammer, nails, wrench, pliers, and a set of screw drivers. You will need a sharp pocket knife with accessories and two sources of flame for every member of your family.

Light Source

Sources of light are extremely important for any bug out bag, but make sure you have the necessary items to power them. Flashlights and lanterns require batteries, and candles require matches. Make certain solar units that can charge in only a few hours and will provide useable light once the darkness settles in.


You need multiple ways of signaling for help or rescue in your bug out bag. A signal whistle will grant the audible attention that you need, but not visual. Strobe LED lights make for a good visual marker, as do emergency flares. White and red shirts make good flags for daylight attention.

Personal Sanitation Items

When you've got to go, you need to have the items you need to keep your family sanitary on the move. Garbage bags and plastic ties are recommended, along with moist towelettes. Hand sanitizer, tooth paste, and soap are a must, along with a hair brush and tooth brush for every family member.


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